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We all have egos. Our ego likes to flatter us and tell us we're usually right. We may have a hunch, or a feeling that we've come up with the perfect solution. Then why are we so often wrong on the web? The answer is simple. We don't test to see if it works.


Imagine an engineer building an engine, or a chef baking a cake, without testing their ideas first. Testing gives you essential feedback on your offering. Of course, you may be lucky and win the internet lottery, but most businesses don't. So test and change what doesn't work. Isn’t it great that you live in a time when almost everything can be tried and tested?


Some clients tell us that they do indeed test. However, what they often mean is ‘We tried it out on some of our staff’. Would you fly on a plane where they just tried it out on their staff?


Not testing can be costly. Not testing can lose you market share or even your reputation. It can waste money and is invariably suboptimal. You’re relying on 'hope'. If your business is important to you then test properly. When you do so, avoid the ‘yes’ men.


Negative feedback is pure gold.


Dyson’s founder, James Dyson, famously created 5,127 prototypes of his first vacuum cleaner in a workshop behind his house, before developing one that he considered worked perfectly.


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