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We welcome the use of brief quotations (one or two paragraphs) of the content published on the Brainspin LLP site, provided such references include attribution and a direct link to www.brainspin.co.uk, and subject to the terms below.


For both regulatory and copyright reasons, we ask that references to published content be limited to a paragraph or two, and then linked to the original article on the Brainspin LLP website. We reserve the right to withhold or revoke authorisation to reprint, republish or redistribute any content derived from the Brainspin LLP website, including third-party content, graphics, or other materials.


Extensive or full reproduction of text or research must be approved on an individual basis. Approvals for one-time or limited publication are generally granted upon written request to reprint@brainspin.co.uk, provided they include proper attribution. Regular and extensive online re-publication is not permitted. Neither the approval to reprint, nor the decision to withhold action against unauthorised use in any specific event, shall constitute a waiver of copyright or control over content derived from the Brainspin LLP website. All rights reserved and actively enforced. Unauthorised use of published content or research is a violation of copyright law.


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