Brainspin LLP applies the well-researched thinking behind behavioural economics and psychology to companies’ marketing and promotion. Founder Chris Wells has more than 25 years marketing experience across a wide sector of industries   He has two degrees from Columbia University in New York.


As well as advising companies ranging from restaurant chain Wagamama, to mortgage bank Woolwich and prize promotion experts Unmissable, Chris has put his thinking into practice in his own wine and restaurant business in New York State. He's also been a visiting professor at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.


He is passionate about understanding human behaviour within a business context.  Over the years he has developed a deep understanding of marketing and why people make the choices they do.  He is fascinated by non-rational decision-making, inherent biases and the mental emotional filters that people rely on when making choices.  He helps his clients apply this thinking to all their touch points with customers: online, through video, in promotions, at shows as well as face to face.


Working with him is Julie Baddeley, who has sat on the board of major quoted and privately owned companies, and was the partner at Accenture with responsibility for a substantial part of their European business.  She currently chairs Harvey Nash plc, a global recruitment company, and is a director of brand and marketing analyst Ebiquity plc.


 A typical testimonial:


I have worked personally with Chris from Brainspin for 3 years now and with each project we work together on, I’m in awe of his creative solutions and the results they bring.  Chris, whilst being extremely creative is also very focussed on results, growth and the bottom line.  This is quite a unique blend and our business has greatly benefited from his skills.  Chris presents ways of working that have vastly improved our business in the areas of sales, marketing, operations and overall communications. His attention to detail and the focus he gives his clients are second to none, in my opinion.


Justine Clement, Managing Director, Unmissable


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