BJ Fogg's Behavior Model


What Causes Behavior Change?



His Behaviour Model shows that three elements must converge at the same moment for a behaviour to occur: Motivation, Ability, and Trigger. When a behaviour does not occur, at least one of those three elements is missing.



What motivates you?


People usually use words such as money, love, happiness, and fulfilment. But think of these answers within a marketing context.


There are four great motivators: Greed, Guilt, Fear and Exclusivity. Anything else is just a subset of these.


A message without a motivator is just a statement without the promise of action. You need your customers to act. If they are not motivated they will not consider and explore your offering.


But is a motivator enough?


Prof. B. J. Fogg at Stanford University thinks not. His research pinpoints two other elements in the decision to act. People have focused on motivation without remembering the huge body of work in persuasive psychology.


If you are motivated but if you don't have the ABILITY to act then nothing will happen. There needs to be what Prof. Fogg calls a TRIGGER. So, for a behaviour to happen these three things (motivation, ability and trigger) have to come together at  the same moment.


A 'trigger' is an external event. It could be a text, an email, a bell, an ad on TV or a suggestion from a colleague.


'Ability' is the capacity to be able to engage with the event. It is easier to understand the lack of 'ability'. You may not be able to act because you're too far away; you don't have the time; or you don't have the money.  These are barriers which can prevent you from taking advantage of the event.


These three conditions need to be met in order for someone to act or change their behaviour.


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